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Offices (roughly geographical with up being south):

DC 2551C, x37866 (seats 4) (23,14) DC 2551D, x37867 (seats 4) (12,43)
Nham Le (MASc, Arie, 2018F-) Jakub Kurdeski (MASc-ECE, Arie,2017F-) Jose Serna (MMath-CS, Nancy, 2016Fall-) Raniah Alghamdi (PhD-CS, Richard)
Josh Reid (MASc, Derek, 2018W-) Quan William Zhang (??-CS, Vijay, 2018F-) Joseph Scott (MMath-CS, Vijay,2017F-) Rafael Olaechea (PhD-CS, Jo)
DC 2551A, x37863 (seats 4) (34,21) DC 2551B (seats 4) (12,43)
Sandy Beidu (PhD-CS, Jo) Rylo Asmore (MMath-CS, Arie/Richard,2017F-) Khadija Tariq (MMath-CS, Nancy, 2018F) Parsa Pourali (PhD-ECE,Jo)
Rafael Toledo (CS, Jo, 2018F) Rob Hackman (MMath-CS, Jo) Ali Abbassi (MMath-CS, Nancy, 2016F-) Amin Bandali (MMath-CS, Nancy, 2018W-)
DC 2550, x37868 (seats 3) (3_,21) DC 2553 (seats 3) (_1,32)
Harvi Govind (?-ECE, Vijay, 2017F-) n/a n/a Stephen Li (MMath-CS, Patrick) / Qian Liang (MASc-ECE, Patrick, 2018F-)
Chunxiao (Ian) Li (?-ECE, Vijay) Murphy Berzish (PhD-ECE, Vijay Ganesh) Zeming Liu (MMath-CS, Patrick,2017F-) Jun Zhao (MASc-ECE, Patrick)
  • Criteria for office allocation (discussed July 2009):
    • PhD > visitor/URA/co-op desk > MMath/MASc
    • roughly proportional by faculty in crunch times
    • WatForm students > non-WatForm students
    • at least 12 CS students or else need to add non-Watform CS students

Office Operation

  • Students with keys to projector/paper cabinet: ??
  • Keys:
    • For DC2551/2553, see Helen Jardine at the CS Office Reception

Mailing Lists


Server Name Model Total Memory CPU Model # CPUs CPU Cache Disks
ntimber Dell PowerEdge R805 32 GB (8x4GB) AMD 2x Six Core Opteron 2439SE 6x512K 2 x 1.0TB SEAGATE
goochan Vault 4U Antec 6 GB Intel 2x Core2 Duo 3Ghz 4096K 1 x 250GB Western Digital
Dedicated Servers          
timber (Dell 6600) Watform-rep 4 GB Intel 4 x Xeon MP, 2.4MGz 512 KB 4 x 36GB
tumbo Supermicro SYS-5019S-L 64 GB Intel 8 x E3-1240V5 3.5G 8192K 1 x 1TB, 1x240 SSD

Note: Access to watform-nas via NFS, home directories already mounted in /u

  • Repositories:
svn co file:///watform/repository/ for new independent projects (abz12 FM-2011 fse12)
svn co file:////watform-rep/ for any (old) repository imported from mudge.cs

  • Misc.
Server Name Model Total Memory CPU CPU Model NICs Disks
gdansk Supermicro AS-1012C-MRF 32 GB AMD Lisbon 6C 4184 2.8G 2 x Intel 82574L 2 x 1 TB
t3-necsis Supermicro AS-1012C-MRF 32 GB AMD Lisbon 6C 4184 2.8G 2 x Intel 82574L 2 x 1 TB

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-- NancyDay - 30 Mar 2009

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