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Database of Solved Problems

A typical instructor has to publish 4 problems a week. As it represents a substantial amount of work, the tendency is to reuse problems from the previous years, when they are available and in an acceptable form to the instructor. Normalizing the format of problems would permit exchanged between instructors and universities, but it is unpopular because of the overwork it causes. If such a database of normalized problems was created, could restricting its access to people who contribute form a strong enough incentive to push people to adopt a norm for their problems, and which rules should be applied to control access?

Exchange of Medical Information and Statistics

Statistics in each Hospital can be tenuous and look like not worthy or being put in a formalized digital form, but together it would form some very valuable information: can the access to this global information be used as an incentive for hospitals to do the effort of performing studies and reporting in a formal way their statistics?

Similarily but related to a more problematic issue: the security dangers of putting in a digital form one's personnal medical informations are balanced by the advantages one would get about global statistics drawn form the union of those informations. (For instance, people might not want to share information about their personal diseases, but might welcome the information that 90% people with illness A and regular disease B cannot digest food type C, and change their diet.) Given proper encryption, the risk to loose anonimality can be greatly reduced. How much encryption is necessary so that the advantages of a global medical database outgrows the risk of precious personal information getting loose?

Extensive Online Help

The website already proposes some "credit" remuneration for people answering questions on their forum. There is a voting dispositif allowing users to vote for the answer they prefer. We would like to establish the optimal rules for such systems, infunction of some parameters of the community.

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