-- MichaelHynes - 2015-05-22

Adding Users

New users on the cluster will now be registered in the himrod-domain Active Directory on himrod.cs.

The command add-himrod-user adds a user in Active Directory. Several arguments are required by this sccript, each of which must be a contiguous string without spaces.

As an example:

# add-himrod-user -e ldpaniak@uwaterloo.ca -n Lori -s Paniak -S CSCF -P admin -E 0 ldpaniak Where the flags are:

-e email

-n firstName

-s surname

-S sponsor (who OK'd this account? E.g. CSCF, hdesterck)

-P projectName

-E expiryDate (Format YYYYMMDD. After this date, the account will expire and need admin intervention to re-enable. Note that 0=never/30000AD.)

Changing User Passwords

Note that these accounts are not usual unix/pam accounts. Changing passwords requires Samba tools. After an account is created, changing a user's password (as that user) requires running:

# samba-tool user password

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