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Authentication and Authorization

Client Services

A/V deployment for teaching/meeting rooms (presentation & conferencing)

This includes projectors, screens, their device and data controllers as well as user interface design.

Account Management (IST, CS domain services) [creation, grouping and deletion]
Backup / Archive (servers & desktops possible)

Backup / Archive Data Recovery

Custom Software Development and packaging.
E-Mail (IST, CS)
(*) Equipment {Procurement, Deployment, Support, Loan, Disposal}
Should this be IT & Tech Equipment {Procurement, Deployment, Support, Loan, Disposal}
  1. Getting help
  2. Help Desk
  3. After Hours Problem Reporting
Networking (IST, CS)
  1. End-to-End Testing of port connections.
  2. IPv4, IPv6 and VLAN Address-space management.
  3. NAT Service supporting ICR, Meeting Rooms, CS advising offices as well as private IP address vlans.
  4. Network support of netboot and PXE OS installs.
  5. VPN services.

Onboarding: Faculty, Staff, Students
Renovation Consulting
Research Grant Support
Shared Stable Compute Environments deployment (linux.cs, linux.student.cs, windows.cs)
Shared Stable Compute Environments support (linux.cs, linux.student.cs, windows.cs)
(*) Specialized Compute Environments deployment (Hadoop, GPU, Ugster)
(*) Specialized Compute Environments support (Hadoop, GPU, Ugster)
Software Provisioning (IST, CS)
Software/Service support (IST, CS)
Technology Consulting
Teaching Labs: Mac, Linux, Dedicated
Teaching Software Services: Assignments, Exams - submission & marking

Internal Services

(*) Database Services
Inventory Services
  1. Equipment Inventory
  2. Virtual Hosts
  3. VLan Information
CSCF Evergreen Plans
Machine Rooms
(*) Onboarding: Equipment
Client Service as we do it for RSG purchases as well?
(*) Web Services
Web Site Certificate Management
Web Site Hosting for:

Infrastructure Services

This is a list of things that at least one member of the Infrastructure Staff maintains knowledge of as part of their job function.

Authentication and Authorization Services (Directory Services)

For each of the student, research and staff classifications of people, equipment, courses and resources there is the database management of:

  1. Users
  2. Groups
  3. Netgroups
  4. UID/GID
  5. Home directories per region (hosts grouping)
  6. Automount maps

Applications/Server integration and management of:

  1. Active Directory
  2. OpenLdap
  3. multi-factor authentication

Consulting (guidance and assistance) with space layout; technology integration and support (new and/or renovation). >standards.
see Bicsi Infrastructure Guidelines
IT Security
Monitoring Services
Health, Resource Utilization, Response and Environment Monitoring
  1. Icinga
  2. Prometheous
  3. File system performance monitoring
Network Services
  1. School Communications Distribution Design Standards
         Information on the Schools' networking history, connectivity and setup.
  2. Oversight and compliance certification of IST provided Network Services.
  3. Layer 1 Design enhancement recommendations.
  4. Linux Kernel: 802.1q VLan, Bridging and Bonding setups.
  5. Mellanox 25/40/50/100Gb switches/routers
  6. Support for 100Mb, 1Gb, 10Gb, 25Gb, 40Gb, 50Gb, 56Gb, 100Gb connectivity.
  7. Networked Services Traffic shaping.
  8. Virtual host Networking setups for LXC, KVM and VMWare ESXi systems
Network Storage Services
  1. DFSc
  3. quota management
Operating Systems Base Image (Current and Previous Production Versions)
  1. OpenBSD Server (current version only for SAMBA Services)
  2. RedHat Server (current version only for backup Services)
  3. Ubuntu Workstation
  4. Ubuntu Server
  5. Windows Workstation
  6. Windows Server Enterprise Edition
Operating Systems Tuning and Patching
  1. Linux Live Updating (Ksplice)
Oversight of Outsourced Services
  1. Graphics Services (Xerox Printers)
  2. IST networking
  3. Plant Ops
  4. Construction Companies
  5. Vendors
Professional Development.
Print servers and print queue management
  1. Windows Print Server
Project Management
  1. Technology deployments, IT refreshing and Renovation Projects
  2. Templates for repetitive actions
Purchasing Assistance
Technology and Related Items  
Regions (Authentication, home directory and applications consistancy)
  3. CS-CSCF
Remote Access
  1. ssh
  2. mosh
RDB clients: rdesktop on Unix, Microsoft Remote Desktop on Windows
School Owned Computing Resources
  1. Ubuntu Diskless Desktops
  2. Ubuntu Desktops
  3. Ubuntu Laptops
  4. Ubuntu/Windows multi-boot Workstations
  5. Ubuntu High-end Graphics Workstations
  6. Ubuntu general-use Servers
  7. Ubuntu LXC IAAS Servers
  8. Ubuntu High storage capacity, I/O intensize (SQL/DFS) Servers
  9. VMWare ESXi PAAS Servers
  10. Windows Servers
  11. Windows Desktops
  12. Windows Laptops
  13. NetApp Ontap (being devolved in 2022)
Server Room
  1. Design (both layout and redundancy)
  2. Air Conditioning capacity planning
  3. Racks
  4. Electrical needs
    • 3 phase load balancing
    • Switch PDU outlets
    • UPS runtime planning
    • regular runtime testing
Services (deployed in both CS-Teaching and CS-General domains)
  1. apache
  2. authoritative mirroring of open source packages used by SCS, in co-operation with the CS Club.
  3. Certificate Authorities (Lets-Encript intigration)
  4. database servers: mysql, postgress, db2
  5. dns (includes a DHCP service)
  6. dynamic-DNS to provide SRV records.
  7. email: smtp, imaps
  8. KSplice Live Linux Kernel Patching
  9. network boot services (tftpboot and pxe)
  10. ntp
  11. rsyslog
  12. (Host Configuration Management)
  13. mosh, ssh, sftp (ftp);
  14. Vault (Dropbox ⁄ NextCloud alternative)
Services (Specific to Teaching)
  1. markus
  2. marmoset
  3. Open edX
  4. submit
  5. Tomcat (online marking system requirement)

  1. CSCF Debian meta-packages.
  2. xhier devolving


Space where CSI Manages the IT and presentation equipment:
SCS Managed Server Room Space
Teaching Space
Meeting Room Space
Technical Consulting  
Uninterruptible Power
  1. Providing (UPS)
  2. IP Managed Powerbars (sPDU)
Visionary Guidance for DRCSCS.
  1. brain storming
  2. consulting
  3. design reviews
  4. goodwill/morale building
Virtualization and Cloud Setups
  1. Hypervisors
    • Linux LXC (Linux Containers)
    • Linux KVM
    • VMware ESXi
  2. Networking
    • VMware Virtual Switches
  3. Virtual Images


Supermicro IPMI Utilities