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Contributed Papers

  1. Computing Super-Irreducible Forms of Systems of Linear Differential Equations via Moser-Reduction: A New Approach
    Moulay Barkatou, Pflügel Eckhard

  2. Structured matrix based methods for polynomial epsilon-GCD: analysis and comparisons
    Dario Andrea Bini, Paola Boito

  3. Solving Toeplitz- and Vandermonde-like linear systems with Displacement rank
    Alin Bostan, Claude-Pierre Jeannerod, Éric Schost

  4. Differential Equations for Algebraic Functions
    Alin Bostan, Frederic Chyzak, Bruno Salvy, Grègoire Lecerf, Éric Schost

  5. Nonassociative structures on polynomial algebras arising from bio-operations on formal languages
    Murray R. Bremner, Michael J. Hancock, Yunfeng Piao

  6. The Complexity of Quantifier Elimination and Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition
    Christopher Brown, James H. Davenport

  7. Differential Forms in Computational Algebraic Geometry
    Peter Burgisser, Peter Scheiblechner

  8. Implicitization of bi-homogeneous parametrizations of algebraic surfaces via linear syzygies
    Laurent Buse, Marc Dohm

  9. A canonical form for some piecewise defined functions
    Jacques Carette

  10. Time- and space-efficient evaluation of some hypergeometric constants
    Howard Cheng, Guillaume Hanrot, Emmanuel Thome, Eugene Zima, Paul Zimmermann

  11. Complete Numerical Isolation of Real Zeros in General Triangular Systems
    Jin-San Cheng, Xiao-Shan Gao, Chee Yap

  12. Non-associative Groebner bases, finitely-presented Lie rings and the Engel condition
    Serena Cicalo, Willem de Graaf

  13. A Case Study of Elliptic Functions in a CAS: Jeffery-Hamel Flow with Maple
    Rob Corless, Dawit Assefa

  14. The solution of W exp W = A is not always LambertW(A)
    Rob Corless, H. Ding, David J. Jeffrey

  15. A Groebner Fan-based Method for Biochemical Network
    Elena Dimitrova, Abdul Salam Jarrah, Reinhard Laubenbacher, Brandilyn Stigler

  16. On the complexity of real solving bivariate systems
    Dimitrios I. Diochnos, Ioannis Z. Emiris, Elias P. Tsigaridas

  17. Towards a New ODE Solver Based on Cartan's Equivalence Method
    Raouf Dridi, Michel Petitot

  18. Faster Inversion and other Black Box Matrix Computation Using Efficient Block Projections
    Wayne Eberly, Mark Giesbrecht, Pascal Giorgi, Arne Storjohann, Gilles Villard

  19. Fast and Exact Geometric Analysis of Real Algebraic Plane Curves
    Arno Eigenwillig, Michael Kerber, Nicola Wolpert

  20. Systems of three polynomials with two separated variables
    Mohamed Elkadi, André Galligo

  21. Counting bivariate polynomials: reducible, exceptional, and singular ones
    Joachim von zur Gathen

  22. A GMP-based implementation of Schönhage-Strassen's large integer multiplication algorithm
    Pierrick Gaudry, Alexander Kruppa, Paul Zimmermann

  23. Structured matrix methods for polynomial root-finding
    Luca Gemignani

  24. G-graphs for the Cage Problem: A New Upper Bound
    Luc Gillibert, Alain Bretto

  25. The isomorphism problem for cyclic algebras and application
    Timo Hanke

  26. Solving Third Order Linear Differential Equations in Terms of Second Order Equations
    Mark van Hoeij

  27. A Sparse Modular GCD Algorithm for Polynomials over Algebraic Function Fields
    Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Javadi, Michael Monagan

  28. Generating Symmetric DFTs and Equivariant FFT Algorithms
    Jeremy Johnson, Xu Xu

  29. On Exact and Approximate Interpolation of Sparse Rational Functions
    Erich Kaltofen, Zhengfeng Yang

  30. Parametric Optimization in Control Using the Sum of Roots for Parametric Polynomial Spectral Factorization
    Masaaki Kanno, Hirokazu Anai, Shinji Hara, Kazuhiro Yokoyama

  31. Symbolic Summation with Radical Expressions
    Manuel Kauers, Carsten Schneider

  32. Minimum Converging Precision of the QR-Factorization Algorithm for Real Polynomial GCD
    Pramook Khungurn, Hiroshi Sekigawa, Kiyoshi Shirayanagi

  33. Towards the Optimal Bound for Solutions to Rubik's Cube
    Daniel Kunkle, Gene Cooperman

  34. Computation of Discrete Comprehensive Gröbner Bases using Modular Dynamic Evaluation
    Yosuke Kurata, Masayuki Noro

  35. Gröbner Bases with respect to Several Term Orderings and Multivariate Dimension Polynomials
    Alexander Levin

  36. A Recipe for Symbolic Geometric Computing: Long Geometric Product
    Hongbo Li

  37. Efficient Matrix Rank Computation with Application to The Study of Strongly Regular Graphs
    John P. May, David Saunders, Zhendong Wan

  38. Computing the eigenvalue in the Schoof-Elkies-Atkin algorithm using Abelian lifts
    Preda Mihailescu, Francois Morain, Éric Schost

  39. A computation of some multiply homogeneous superschemes from transitive permutation groups
    Izumi Miyamoto

  40. Fast Arithmetic for Triangular Sets: From Theory to Practice
    Marc Moreno Maza, Éric Schost, Xin Li

  41. A Speed-Up of the Algorithm for Computing Comprehensive Groebner Systems
    Katsusuke Nabeshima

  42. Faster algorithms for the characteristic polynomial
    Clement Pernet, Arne Storjohann

  43. A Disk-Based Parallel Implementation for Direct Condensation of Large Permutation Modules
    Eric Robinson, Gene Cooperman, Jürgen Müller

  44. A straightening law for the Drinfel'd Lagrangian Grassmannian
    James Ruffo

  45. On Real Factors of Real Interval Polynomials
    Hiroshi Sekigawa

  46. Complexity of Real Root Isolation Using Continued Fractions
    Vikram Sharma

  47. Algorithmic Differentiation in Axiom
    Jacob Smith, Gabriel Dos Reis, Jaakko Järvi

  48. Certification of the QR factor R, and of lattice basis reducedness
    Gilles Villard

  49. Symbolic-numeric Computation of Implicit Riquier Bases for PDE
    Wenyuan Wu, Greg Reid

  50. Integer and Polynomial Multiplication: Towards Optimal Toom-Cook Matrices
    Alberto Zanoni, Marco Bodrato

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