CAPE: Cost Aware Privacy Engine



Data-driven companies, or organizations in general, are unable or unwilling to afford privacy-preserving solutions in their products due to the lack of standards and resources. Those privacy-preserving solutions developed by Google and the U.S. Census require a group of privacy experts, and they are not directly transferable to other domains. As the market for diverse smart-devices and systems has expeditiously emerged, the need for privacy-preserving solutions within a wide range of domains and applications have become ever-pressing. However, ad hoc approaches lead to a drastic and inevitable cost to companies and individuals. To address these challenges, our long-term goal is to design and build a toolbox called Cost-Aware Privacy Engine (CAPE) that (i) can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems and environments and that (ii) can ensure provable and customizable privacy based on the cost requirements (e.g., utility cost or computation cost) of different applications. With CAPE, data curators can deliver their privacy promises with little overhead while minimizing the cost of privacy.


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