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These are ancient lecture notes for an introductory undergraduate course on quantum computing taught at the University of Calgary in Spring 2006. They are not being maintained.

Latest update: April 11, 2006

All 22 lectures in one file (139 pages) [pdf]

1. Overview of quantum information [pdf]
2. Overview of quantum information (continued) [pdf]
3. Superdense coding; quantum circuits, and partial measurements [pdf]
4. Quantum teleportation; Deutsch's algorithm [pdf]
5. A simple searching algorithm; the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm [pdf]
6. Simon's algorithm [pdf]
7. Arithmetic/number-theoretic problems; reversible computation [pdf]
8. Phase estimation [pdf]
9. Phase estimation (continued); the quantum Fourier transform [pdf]
10. Order finding [pdf]
11. Order finding (continued); reducing factoring to order finding [pdf]
12. Grover's algorithm [pdf]
13. Grover’s Algorithm (continued) [pdf]
14. Quantum information revisited [pdf]
15. Quantum information revisited (continued) [pdf]
16. Quantum error correction [pdf]
17. General quantum errors; CSS codes [pdf]
18. Quantum key distribution [pdf]
19. Impossibility of quantum bit commitment [pdf]
20. Bell inequalities and nonlocality [pdf]
21. Quantum communication complexity [pdf]
22. Quantum computational complexity [pdf]

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