CS 848
Advanced Topics in Databases -
Big Data Management Platforms
(Winter 2019)

M. Tamer Özsu
DC 3350

Lecture times: Tuesday 9:00-11:50AM

Lecture location: DC 2568

Calendar Description

This is a seminar course that will cover the advances in big data processing and the platforms that have been designed for this purpose.


There is no textbook required, but I will provide (online) some chapters of the upcoming 4th edition Principles of Distributed Database Systems, M. Tamer Özsu and Patrick Valduriez

For the most part, we will read papers from literature. For access to papers, you can consult the DBLP online bibliography, ACM Digital Library and the IEEE XPlore:


This is a seminar course, and as such most of our time will be spent on reading, presenting and discussing recent publications. The list of papers are here, but you can suggest other papers you might be interested in -- just let me know. The schedule will be roughly as follows (week numbers include the reading week):

Workload and Evaluation (tentative and may change depending on class size)

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The weekly schedule is here.

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