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I do both systems and theoretical research in data management and processing. My current systems research focuses on Graphflow, which is a new graph database we are building from scratch. We study fundamental components on graph databases such as query optimizer, storage layer, or transaction manager and build each component from scratch.

My theoretical research focuses on understanding the computational complexities of distributed algorithms that evaluate database queries. Many of the existing modern distributed systems are based on the BSP model of computation. Parallel algorithms running on these systems use three main resources: (1) number of rounds, i.e., synchronizations; (2) communication; and (3) memory, i.e., space. My work focuses on understanding the relationship between these three parameters and designing algorithms (specifically query processing algorithms) that are optimal in terms of one or more of these three resources.




CS 848: Graph Data Management (Fall 2018)

CS 341: Algorithms (Summer 2016, Winter 2017, Winter 2018)

CS 848/858: Modern Data Processing Systems (Fall 2016)

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Office: DC 3351

Email: myfirstname.mylastname(at)

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