Advanced Topics in Cryptography and Blockchain Technologies - F20


Instructor: Sergey Gorbunov

Email: sgorbunov [at]

Office: TBA

Lectures: Tuesday 11am-1pm. Online


Blockchain technologies are quickly gaining popularity and enable the borderless and frictionless transfer of assets. In this course, we will study blockchain fundamentals and applications built on top of them. Topics include signature schemes, commitment schemes, multi-party computation, zero-knowledge proofs, consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, incentive mechanisms, applications of blockchains such as cryptocurrencies, and the legal framework around them.

Prerequisites: You should be familiar with undergrad CS topics such as algorithms, operating systems, database systems, and networks.

For students: the course is currently listed in the "systems" area. It may be possible to count it as an "algo" course under some conditions, if desired.


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