CS 858: (Very Hot) Topics in Computing on Encrypted Data — F'16


Instructor: Sergey Gorbunov

Email: sgorbunov [at] uwaterloo.ca

Office: TBA

Lectures: Fridays 11am-1.50pm. DC 2585


A course about encryption-in-use. We will study techniques, cryptographic algorithms, and methods that enable encryption-in-use and allow applications to run over encrypted data. Topics will include multi-party computation protocols, homomorphic, functional, searchable and attribute-based encryption schemes, as well as secure hardware technologies. We will study mathematics behind these algorithms, crypto, performance impacts and integration challenges.

Prerequisites: You are expected to be familiar with basic crypto (public/secret key encryptions, signatures/macs, etc.). No additional “advanced” math or crypto knowledge is required. You should be familiar with undergrad CS topics such as algorithms, runtime complexity, space complexity, database systems, and network sockets.

For students: the course is currently listed in the "systems" area. It may be possible to count it as an "algo" course under some conditions, if desired.


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