Nancy Day

Associate Professor

David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science
University of Waterloo


I work with students and colleagues on modelling and formal analysis of computer-based systems.

Prospective graduate students: If you are interested in working on research topics in formal methods, please apply to our School of Computer Science, include "formal methods" in the list of topics of interest to you, and list me as a "Requested Supervisor" so that your application will be brought to my attention. I am always looking for talented students!

I value the opportunity to work with graduate students. In graduate student supervision, my goal is to mentor the student in learning about formal methods, choosing a research topic, learning to write technical articles, and learning to make technical presentations. I meet with my students individually regularly and we meet as a research group multiple times a week. I try to help each graduate student to publish their research in conferences or journals and I support them to attend and present at a conference. I also value sending students to summer schools in the US or Europe where interesting topics in formal methods are covered. Finally, if the student is interested in doing an internship or when they are looking for employment after their degree, I connect my students with contacts in industry.

Undergraduate students at UW: if you are interested in doing formal methods research as an undergraduate research assistant ( URA: part-time while taking courses) or as a co-op student through the NSERC undergraduate student research award program, please contact me.

Current Graduate Students

  • Aditya Shankar Narayanan (PhD, 2021 - )
  • Owen Zila (PhD, 2023 - )

Past Thesis Supervision and Post-Docs

  • Owen Zila (MMath, 2023)
  • Tamjid Hossain (MMath, 2022)
  • Elias Eid (MMath, 2021)
  • Khadija Tariq (MMath, 2021)
  • Amin Bandali (MMath, 2020)
  • Joseph Poremba (Undergrad, 2019)
  • Jose Serna (MMath, 2019)
  • Ali Abbassi (MMath, 2018)
  • Opeyemi Adesina (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017-2018)
  • Sabria Farheen (MMath, 2018)
  • Amirhossein Vakili (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2016)
  • Amirhossein Vakili (PhD, 2016)
  • Alma Juarez Dominguez (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2012-2013)
  • Alma Juarez Dominguez (PhD, 2012)
  • Shahram Esmaeilsabzali (PhD, 2011)
  • Alma Juarez Dominguez (MMath, 2005)
  • Jianwei Niu (PhD, 2005) (co-supervisor: Jo Atlee)
  • Yun Lu (MMath, 2004)
  • Jennifer Campbell (MMath, 2003)
I have also worked with a number of undergraduate students on research projects.

David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo

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