Activity Report (2019/2020)

Report: PDF
Submitted Jan 4, 2021.  Published here Jun 9, 2021.
N.B.: Activity report contains new information about Industrial Wind Turbines and Pandemic.
Below I include information on Pandemic.


March 12, 2020.
On this date I arrived early to lecture. The first question from my students was, "what precautions are you taking against the Pandemic".
I had already decided to suspend lectures that day and announced this in class. I explained my concerns about Pandemic.

Student(s) reported this on Reddit (r/Uwaterloo)

After a one week recess I continued to give lectures online (via Google Groups) and course presentations were also given by students.
Mar 24, Mar 26. Online lectures.
Mar 31, Apr 2. Student project presentations (to the class).
Apr 4, 2020. Student project presentations (to me only).

Discussion on Pandemic continued, both in classes, in private chats with students.

Due to my concern, and due to the lack of reliable information, I began my own investigation, both in the scientific literature and the media.  Beginning on May 2, 2020 I reported my findings on the Piazza web page. My intent was to correspond with students, and I made it clear that this discussion had nothing to do with their grades (which were soon awarded). I continued posting until Dec 31, 2020 as new information became available.


June 15, 2021
On June 11, 2021, Dr. Hodkinson was interviewed by Anna Brees of BREES MEDIA for the
third time on the very important matter regarding COVID. The transcription is included here (PDF).

June 21, 2021
MP Derek Sloan raises concerns about censorship of doctors and scientists – June 17, 2021
01:00 Many whisteblowers have come forward
01:43 A concerned nurse
09:30 Dr Bridle (Guelph)
22:40 Dr Phillips (emergency medicine)
28:50 Dr Welsh, (UWO),
32:40 Questions

Aug 3, 2021. Update.
Link above is removed.  A saved copy is available here.

CHDC - CRC Expert Discussion on Universities - Colleges & "Vaccines" Jul 26, 2021

Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium, July 29/30 2021.

"Letter to the Unvaccinated",   (PDF, text)

Aug 4, 2021.  Update
Palmer, M. (2021) Notes on COVID

Aug 9, 2021.  Update.  Email from Faculty Association. (Email text)
They are writing on behalf of faculty, but they do not speak for me.

Aug 23, 2021. Dr. Bridle (Guelph), published August 20, 2021.

Aug 27, 2021.
Open letter to UW officials: Repeal the COVID vaccination and testing mandates

This letter was sent to the president, the provost, and many other UW administrators on August 26th, 2021. A list of signatories is at the bottom. To have your own signature added, please send email to Michael Palmer, Dept. of Chemistry. Please include your name (with titles if you'd like to list them), your position (faculty/staff/student/parent) and if applicable your department or program.
If above link does not work, check local link,
for latest copy.

Sept 4, 2021.
Summary of correspondence, including response from University.

  1. the original "open letter", signed by a number of faculty, staff and students, requesting the UW administration to repeal its vaccination and testing mandate, along with cover letter and opinion letter written by a former UW student (PDF) Aug 26, 2021.
  2. a second "open letter" written independently by another faculty member at UW (along with colleagues from Wilfrid Laurier University) (PDF) Sept 1, 2021
  3. an "Expert statement" on the effect of COVID-19 vaccines on children written by Michael Palmer, the principal author of our original "open letter" (PDF)
  4. the reply from the President of the University of Waterloo to our original "open letter" (PDF) Sept 2, 2021.

Sept 15, 2021.  Link to ongoing correspondence.

Sept 21, 2021.
Dr Bridle, University of Guelph. Sept 17, 2021.  PDF
Dear Dr. Charlotte A.B. Yates, President and Vice-Chancellor,

Sept 22, 2021.

Letter from
Eric T. Payne, MD, MPH, FRCP(C)
Pediatric Neurocritical Care & Epilepsy
Alberta Children’s Hospital
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics & Neurology, the University of Calgary

September 14, 2021. 
College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) Council
2700 – 10020 100 Street NW
Edmonton, AB Canada T5J 0N3
Dear CPSA council members,
RE: Mandatory mRNA vaccine mandate for Alberta physicians

Sept 23, 2021.  Fwd: [FAUW] Ontario Human Rights Commission statement on vaccine mandates

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has issued a policy statement on Covid-19 vaccine mandates and proof of vaccination requirements. You might find it helpful in understanding your rights as related to both the Ontario and University of Waterloo requirements.

Oct 24, 2021.  Waterloo region for medical freedom rally

Viral immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle

Complete video, including Dr. Michael Palmer of Waterloo and many others