CS349: User Interfaces

Winter 2013

Course Description

This course teaches the principles of constructing user interfaces. In this course you will learn how to actually implement user interfaces. Some attention is paid to issues of design and usability, but CS 449, HCI, provides more complete treatment of these topics.

Course Objectives

This course provides an introduction to contemporary user interfaces, including the basics of human-computer interaction, the user interface design/evaluation process, and the architectures within which user interfaces are developed. Students implement and evaluate portions of typical user interfaces in a series of programming assignments.

Recommended Text

Building Interactive Systems, 2010, by Dan R. Olsen Jr.


We'll be using a tool named Piazza instead of a newsgroup. You should have received an invitation email (or will shortly); when you register, please use an identifier that clearly indicates who you are for the purposes of the course. Click on Piazza Q&A in the list on the left to access it. All class announcements will be posted there.