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Project Information

The project is required for all students enrolled in CS686 and is optional for undergraduate students enrolled in CS486.

There are two parts to the project: the proposal and the final report.

Proposal (No Marks)

The proposal is due by November 1, 2017. It should be at most one page and contain the following information. The proposal should be submitted via the Project Proposal Dropbox on Learn.

Report (20% of final mark for CS686 and 5% bonus for CS486)

The final report is due on the last day of classes. However, we will accept project up until the date of the final exam without penalty. It should be at most 8 pages in length and should explain the big picture and any necessary detail. Projects should be submitted via the Project Dropbox on Learn.

Suggested Structure for the Report


Use the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) formatting files ( These will produce a 2 column report. Your report should be no more than 8 pages long, including references.


Many of the AI conferences and journals post their proceedings online so that they are accessible for everyone (and the few that do not will be accessible if you are on campus or using the library proxy). Some resources that you might find useful include Note that this list is far from complete and there are many other relevant conferences and journals that you can consult.


If you have any questions, or are stuck for a project idea then please contact the instructors. We love chatting about research ideas.