Jeff's Brain

I’ve had my head “examined” on more than one occasion. In particular, I have had a couple magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans done of my head. One at the UBC hospital, from which I acquired 18 sagital slices and 18 axial slices, and one at BC Children’s Hospital (129 sagital slices).

These MRI scans are T1 weighted, which means that bone and air are black, while bone marrow and other soft tissues are gray or white. Blood that is just arriving to the head will also appear black.

The best way to get your hands on my MRI data is to download ImageJ. My dataset is one of the samples that you can download in the “File” menu.

Head Rendering

Animation of my head. Created using ImageJ.

This stack of MR images is one of the samples included in the ImageJ software package.

Brain Extraction

Animation of my brain. Created using ImageJ.

Brain Cutout

These were produced by Chris Rorden, the creator of MRIcro.

Lumbar Spine

This is a CT scan of my lumbar spine. Some of the structures are incorrect because not all the slices were acquired in the same plane.

Rendering Rendering Rendering