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Readings (2021)

Permanently under construction and may be out of date by a few years. I update this list as I go along through the year, so any thing new for this year is not here now. Most of these readings are available freely if you are on campus, or through the University Library. If you are not on campus, email me and I can send you a copy. This list is meant as a general repository of papers that you can use to help with your study in the course. You are not required to read all this material, but you may use these links when developing your project and presentations.

Socio-Cultural Theories of Emotion

Readings (OLDER LIST)


Core Readings

These will give the key ideas in the course. You don't need to purchase these books. Some are available at the library (links below) or I will provide copies on Slack for the chapters you need to read for the course.

Alternate/Supplementary Readings

These provide other materials of interest for the course, but are more marginally interesting.


  • General papers on emotion
  • General Reasoning Systems
  • Emotions and Rationality
    • P. N. Johnson-laird & Keith Oatley (1992): Basic emotions, rationality, and folk theory, Cognition & Emotion, 6:3-4, 201-223
    • J.St.B.T. Evans, D.E. Over and K.I. Manktelow Reasoning, decision making and rationality. Cognition, Volume 49, Issues 1-2, October-November 1993, Pages 165-187
  • Emotions and Morality
  • Emotions and decision making
  • Social Dilemmas
  • Emotion recognition
  • Emotion generation
    • Isabella Poggi and Catherine Pelachaud. "Performative Facial Expressions in Animated Faces", in Embodied Conversational Agents (See readings)
    • Masahiro Mori The Uncanny Valley IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, Vol 19, No 2, June 2012.
    • Embodied Conversational Agents book (Justine Cassell and Elizabeth Churchill, eds., MIT Press 2000). I have a copy of this book if you want to get a look.
  • Tutoring systems
  • Games and Applications
  • Health Related Systems
  • Social Networks:
  • Other (unclassified)
    • Hernandez J., McDuff D., Fletcher R., Picard, R. W., Inside-Out: Reflecting on your Inner State Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops (PERCOM Workshops), 2013
    • Seo, S., et al. Poor Thing! Would You Feel Sorry for a Simulated Robot? A comparison of empathy toward a physical and simulated robot. In HRI 2015.