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Interact.jar  Download the single file that includes the program files for Interact, plus all of its dictionaries and equations. Then you can use Interact on your computer by double-clicking the name or icon of Interact.jar. 
InteractJavaCode.zip (240K) Contains the complete Java source code for Java Interact.
SurveyorJavaCode.zip (30K) Contains the Java source code for the Surveyor data collection program.
EmotionSpiralJavaCode.zip (20K) Contains Java source code for an extension of Surveyor that presents the emotion-spiral measuring instrument, multiple-choice measurements, and the EPA rating instrument.    

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Cross-Cultural Atlas

About 1978 at the University of Illinois Bookstore I purchased computer print-outs of analyses reported by Charles E. Osgood, W. H. May, and M. S. Miron in their 1975 book, Cross-Cultural Universals of Affective Meaning (Urbana: University of Illinois Press). The print-outs reported results of "tool-making" analyses, and provided Evaluation-Potency-Activity profiles for 610 concepts in 17 culture/language communities:

bulletCosta Rica/Spanish
bulletIndia/(Hindi, Bengali)
bullet Iran/Farsi
bulletMexico (Mexico City, Yucatan)/Spanish
bullet Thailand/Thai
bulletU.S.A./(White English, Black English)
bullet Yugoslavia/Serbo-Croat

The Osgood, May, and Miron book reported analyses in additional communities, but I have no information regarding societies other than those listed above.

As time permits, I am converting these print-outs to PDF files and posting them on the Web for posterity. I also am scanning the EPA profiles for 610 concepts into a pancultural data file in SPSS format. These materials may be downloaded at www.indiana.edu/~socpsy/Atlas/.


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Vintage Programs

INTERACT.ZIP 635Kb, July 30, 1995. INTERACT Program, for DOS. Includes files providing a cross-cultural database, plus a system for modifying, expanding, printing, and exporting the data. Documentation is included in a separate file formatted in WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS.
Interact.sea.hqx 1.5 Mb, Jan 12, 1997. INTERACT Program With Graphics, for Macintosh. Includes files providing a cross-cultural database. Documentation is incorporated into the program. Detailed description.
InteractStack.sea.hqx .7 Mb, Jan 12, 1997. INTERACT Program for Macintosh in the form of a modifiable Hypercard 2.2 stack. Includes files providing a cross-cultural database. Documentation is incorporated into the program.


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Program Attitude collects data on the connotations of concepts using graphic rating scales that measure Goodness, Powerfulness, and Liveliness. The program has been used in several studies on Affect Control Theory, including compilation of the German and Japanese databases.

Introduction to Attitude, article.

ATTITUDE.ZIP 39Kb, July 30, 1995. Attitude program for MS-DOS. Includes documentation as a separate file formatted in WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS.

EPA program.sea.hqx 1 Mb, January 1, 1996. Simple semantic differential program for Macintosh. Pedagogically useful, but not a research tool.


URL: www.indiana.edu/~socpsy/ACT/measure.html  1997 David Heise