1 Estelle Featuring Kanye West American Boy 3:59 (details...)
2 Dave Armstrong & RedRoche Love Has Gone [Full Vocal Radio Edit] 3:02 (details...)
3 Kat DeLuna Run the Show [Johnny Vicious Radio Mix] 3:38 (details...)
4 Serge Devant Featuring Kyven Part of Me [Club Radio Edit] 4:01 (details...)
5 Janet Jackson Rock With U 3:53 (details...)
6 Armand Van Helden Je T'aime 3:32 (details...)
7 Jupiter Rising Wicked [Trevor Simpson Radio Edit] 3:45 (details...)
8 Cezar Cunningham Keep on Trying [Spencer & Hill Radio Edit] 3:35 (details...)
9 The Young Punx You've Got To [Norman Cook Radio Mix] 3:04 (details...)
10 Hardrox Feel the Hard Rock (Up to No Good) 3:07 (details...)
11 Madison Park with Paul T All About the Groove [Klubjumpers Radio Edit] 3:33 (details...)
12 Ian Carey Featuring Michelle Shellers Keep on Rising 3:09 (details...)
13 JJ Flores & Steve Smooth Featuring Luvli Being in Love 3:55 (details...)
14 Leona Lewis Bleeding Love [Moto Blanco Radio Edit] 3:30 (details...)
15 Miley Cyrus See You Again [Johnny Coppola Radio Edit] 3:14 (details...)
16 Audio Bullys Featuring Nancy Sinatra Shot You Down 3:35 (details...)
17 Ercola & Heikki L Deep at Night [Adam K & Soha Radio Edit] 3:36 (details...)
18 MYPD You're Not Alone [Dan Winter Remix] 5:11 (details...)