1 Murk vs. Kristine W Some Lovin' [Miami Mix] 5:25 (details...)
2 Barbara Tucker Hot Shot [Guido Remix] 7:26 (details...)
3 t.A.T.u. All the Things She Said [Mark!'s Intellectual Vocal] 9:41 (details...)
4 MC Mario All That I Like [Barrucco's House Mix] 7:50 (details...)
5 Vivian Green Emotional Rollercoaster [Junior's Earth Anthem] 10:33 (details...)
6 Celine Dion I Drove All Night [Polarbabies In Prague Club Mix] 6:23 (details...)
7 Abigail You Set Me Free [Andy & The Lamboy Main Club Mix] 8:51 (details...)
8 System Drivers Rhythm Is a Dancer [Original Mix] 5:40 (details...)
9 Brooklyn Bounce Bring Back [Derb Remix] 7:55 (details...)