1 Mickey Mouse Club Mickey Mouse March 2:38 (details...)
2 The Wellingtons The Ballad Of Davy Crockett 1:41 (details...)
3 Tim Considine and The Triple R Chorus The Triple R Song (Yippi-A, Yippi-I, Yippi-O) [The Adventures Of Spin And Marty] 3:11 (details...)
4 The Wellingtons Theme Of Zorro 1:22 (details...)
5 The Wellingtons Scarecrow [The Scarecrow Of Romney Marsh] 2:10 (details...)
6 The Disney Studio Chorus Winnie The Pooh 2:23 (details...)
7 The Disney Studio Chorus Minnie's Yoo Hoo [The Mouse Factory] 2:01 (details...)
8 The New Mouseketeers Who, What, Why, Where, When And How Day [The New Mickey Mouse Club] 1:30 (details...)
9 The Disney Afternoon Studio Chorus Gummi Bears Theme [The Adventures Of The Gummi Bears] 2:23 (details...)
10 The Disney Afternoon Studio Chorus Duck Tales Theme 2:48 (details...)
11 The Disney Afternoon Studio Chorus Chip 'N' Dale's Rescue Rangers Theme Song 3:35 (details...)
12 The Disney Afternoon Studio Chorus Darkwing Duck Theme 1:01 (details...)
13 Angie Jaree Theme To Lizzie McGuire [Extended Supa Mix] 2:33 (details...)
14 Brian Setzer Rockin' At The House Of Mouse [Extended Version] 2:34 (details...)
15 Rufus and Ron Stoppable The Naked Mole Rap [Kim Possible] 3:28 (details...)
16 Cheetah Girls Cheetah Sisters [The Cheetah Girls] 3:06 (details...)
17 Jump5 Aloha, E Komo Mai [Lilo & Stitch: The Series] 2:24 (details...)
18 They Might Be Giants Hot Dog! [Mickey Mouse Clubhouse] 2:28 (details...)
19 Troy Bolton Get'cha Head In The Game [High School Musical] 2:26 (details...)
20 Hannah Montana Nobody's Perfect [Hannah Montana 2] 3:20 (details...)
21 Phineas And The Ferbtones Gitchee Gitchee Goo [Phineas And Ferb] 1:58 (details...)
22 Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas This Is Me [Camp Rock] 3:08 (details...)
23 The High School Musical Cast What Time Is It [High School Musical 2] 3:18 (details...)
24 Selena Gomez Everything Is Not What It Seems [Wizards Of Waverly Place] 0:52 (details...)
25 The Mouseketeers Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater 1:47 (details...)