1 Pinto Colvig and Mary Moder and Dorothy Compton and Billy Bletcher Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf [Three Little Pigs] 3:06 (details...)
2 Adriana Caselotti Whistle While You Work [Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs] 3:24 (details...)
3 Cliff Edwards When You Wish Upon a Star [Pinocchio] 3:13 (details...)
4 Cliff Edwards and Jim Carmichael and Hall Johnson Choir When I See an Elephant Fly [Dumbo] 1:48 (details...)
5 Mary Moder and Amy Lou Barnes and Sally Mueller and Alice Sixer and Betty Bayne Little April Shower [Bambi] 3:53 (details...)
6 Clarence Nash and Joaquin Garay and Jose Oliviera The Three Caballeros 2:09 (details...)
7 James Baskett Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah 2:17 (details...)
8 Burl Ives Lavender Blue [Dilly Dilly] 1:01 (details...)
9 Ilene Woods and Mice Chorus A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes [Cinderella] 4:35 (details...)
10 Kathryn Beaumont All In the Golden Afternoon 2:41 (details...)
11 Kathryn Beaumont and Bobby Driscoll and Paul Collins and The Jud Conlon Chorus and Tommy Luske You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! [Peter Pan] 4:23 (details...)
12 Peggy Lee and The Melomen What a Dog / He's a Tramp [Lady and the Tramp] 2:25 (details...)
13 Mary Costa and Bill Shirley Once Upon a Dream [Sleeping Beauty] 2:45 (details...)
14 Bill Lee Cruella De Vil [101 Dalmatians] 5:04 (details...)
15 Hayley Mills Let's Get Together 1:29 (details...)
16 Burl Ives The Ugly Bug Ball 3:02 (details...)
17 Julie Andrews A Spoonful of Sugar [Mary Poppins] 4:07 (details...)
18 The Beach Boys and Annette Funicello The Monkey's Uncle 2:31 (details...)
19 Tommy Steele Fortuosity 3:10 (details...)
20 Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman The Bare Necessities [The Jungle Book] 4:49 (details...)
21 Phil Harris and Thurl Ravenscroft and Scatman Crothers Ev'rybody Wants to Be a Cat [Aristocats] 2:01 (details...)
22 Roger Miller Whistle Stop 1:31 (details...)
23 Shelby Flint Someone's Waiting for You 2:22 (details...)
24 Helen Reddy and Sean Marshall It's Not Easy 3:10 (details...)
25 Pearl Bailey Best of Friends [The Fox & The Hound] 2:14 (details...)