Name Variations:
R Rivera GroovesR Riveras GroovesR. RiveraR. Rivera GroovesR. Rivera's Grooves
R.RiveraRichie RivieraRiveraRobbieRobbie "Loopman" Rivera
Robbie R.Robbie ReveraRobbie Rivera GrooveRobbie Rivera GroovesRobbie Rivera's Grooves
Robbie RiversRobbie RivieraRobby RiveraRoberto LouisRR

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Wikipedia:electro, house, dance, funk, tribal, progressive house
MusicBrainz:juicy ibiza

Robbie Rivera Presents Rhythm Bangers Bang 3:56 131.8 2000 Dance 2000s CLUBANTH_001-08 (details...)
Robbie Rivera Presents Rhythm Bangers Bang 3:29 128.4 2001 Dance 2000s HOUSEMIX_201-14 (details...)
Robbie Rivera Featuring Lizzie Curious Departures 3:36 128.0 2011 Dance 2000s RHYTMR11_004-19 (details...)
Robbie Rivera Forever Young 3:50 128.0 2012 Dance 2000s RHYTMR12_012-05 (details...)
Robbie Rivera Funk-A-Faction [Benny Benassi Mix] 5:59 130.0 2004 Dance 2000s MCLUB204_012-07 (details...)
Robbie Rivera Hum Melody [Extended Mix] 7:39 129.0 2003 Dance 2000s MCLUB203_004-04 (details...)
Robbie Rivera Featuring Wynter Gordon In The Morning [Juicy New York Radio Edit] 3:50 127.0 2012 Dance 2000s RHYTMR12_010-17 (details...)
Robbie Rivera Featuring Fast Eddie Let Me Sip My Drink 3:14 127.0 2010 Dance 2010s RHYTMR10_005-12 (details...)
Robbie Rivera One Eye Shut 3:46 128.0 2005 Dance 2000s RHYTMR05_008-09 (details...)
Robbie Rivera Featuring DJ Disciple Superdrum [Original Mix] 6:22 131.0 2003 Dance 2000s MCLUB203_006-07 (details...)
Robbie Rivera Featuring Jerique Allan We Live For The Music 3:27 130.0 2011 Dance 2000s RHYTMR11_001-09 (details...)
Robbie Rivera Which Way You're Going [Wally Lopez Remix] 7:47 128.0 2004 Dance 2000s MCLUB204_011-03 (details...)
Robbie Rivera Which Way You're Going 3:47 128.0 2004 Dance 2000s RHYTMR04_010-04 (details...)