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Cypress Hills Of NY

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Wikipedia:hip hop, rap rock, alternative hip hop
MusicBrainz:american, hip-hop, hiphop, rapcore, rock and indie, us

Cypress Hill Break 'Em Off Some [Radio Edit] 2:44 113.0 1993 Rock 1990s CYPRSHIL_BSR-13 (details...)
Cypress Hill Cock The Hammer [Radio Edit] 3:51 98.8 1993 Rock 1990s CYPRSHIL_BSR-06 (details...)
Cypress Hill Hand On The Glock [Radio Edit] 3:33 98.1 1993 Rock 1990s CYPRSHIL_BSR-12 (details...)
Cypress Hill Hits From The Bong [Radio Edit] 2:40 92.1 1993 Rock 1990s CYPRSHIL_BSR-10 (details...)
Cypress Hill How I Could Just Kill a Man [Live] 3:21 101.9 1994 Rock 1990s WOODSTCK_94B-09 (details...)
Cypress Hill I Ain't Goin' Out Like That [Radio Edit] 4:26 100.8 1993 Rock 1990s CYPRSHIL_BSR-02 (details...)
Cypress Hill I Wanna Get High [Radio Edit] 2:51 122.8 1993 Rock 1990s CYPRSHIL_BSR-01 (details...)
Cypress Hill Insane In The Brain [Radio Edit] 3:34 102.1 1993 Rock 1990s CYPRSHIL_BSR-03 (details...)
Cypress Hill Insane in the Brain 3:32 102.2 1993 R&B 1990s POWERTRK_059-06 (details...)
Cypress Hill Interlude [Radio Edit] 1:14 133.2 1993 Rock 1990s CYPRSHIL_BSR-07 (details...)
Cypress Hill Legalize It [Radio Edit] 0:47 155.0 1993 Rock 1990s CYPRSHIL_BSR-09 (details...)
Cypress Hill Lick A Shot [Radio Edit] 3:20 110.2 1993 Rock 1990s CYPRSHIL_BSR-05 (details...)
Cypress Hill Lil' Putos [Radio Edit] 3:29 90.7 1993 Rock 1990s CYPRSHIL_BSR-08 (details...)
Cypress Hill Featuring Tom Morello Rise Up 3:42 93.0 2010 Rock CHRRADIO_210-17 (details...)
Cypress Hill What Go Around Come Around, Kid [Radio Edit] 3:43 90.4 1993 Rock 1990s CYPRSHIL_BSR-11 (details...)
Cypress Hill When The Shop Goes Down [Radio Edit] 3:12 96.1 1993 Rock 1990s CYPRSHIL_BSR-04 (details...)