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B. HolidayB. HollidayBillie HollidayBilly HolidayHoliday

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Wikipedia:vocal jazz, jazz blues, torch songs, swing, blues
MusicBrainz:10 cd, death by cirrhosis, jazz, rock and indie, vocalist

Billie Holiday Comes Love 4:02 106.8 1992 Jazz HOTJAVJZ_001-09 (details...)
Billie Holiday Don't Explain [dZhian & Kamien Remix] 4:49 146.0 2002 Jazz VERVE____R01-08 (details...)
Billie Holiday Don't Explain 2:56 121.4 Jazz VERVE____U01-08 (details...)
Billie Holiday It Had To Be You 4:02 110.2 1937 Easy DTRANDOM_053-10 (details...)
Billie Holiday Lady Sings the Blues 3:46 123.6 1994 Jazz VERVE____S1B-11 (details...)
Billie Holiday with Eddie Heywood And His Orchestra Solitude 3:12 113.1 1941 Jazz KENBJAZZ_ST1-12 (details...)
Billie Holiday Speak Low [Bent Remix] 4:21 117.0 2005 Jazz VERVE____R03-02 (details...)
Billie Holiday Speak Low 4:28 118.0 Jazz VERVE____U03-02 (details...)
Billie Holiday Strange Fruit [Tricky Remix] 3:18 112.0 2002 Jazz VERVE____R01-11 (details...)
Billie Holiday Strange Fruit 3:01 115.4 Jazz VERVE____U01-11 (details...)
Billie Holiday Trav'lin' Light 3:25 99.3 1994 Jazz VERVE____S1A-04 (details...)
Billie Holiday The Way You Look Tonight 3:00 165.3 1965 Jazz DINNERJZ_002-03 (details...)
Billie Holiday Yesterdays [Junior Boys Remix] 2:26 142.7 2005 Jazz VERVE____R03-12 (details...)
Billie Holiday Yesterdays 2:51 110.4 Jazz VERVE____U03-12 (details...)