Cryptography Theory and Practice

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last modified March 27, 2000

This is the (old) web page for the first edition of the book. A second edition has now been published, and its web page is here.

This cryptography textbook by Doug Stinson was published in March, 1995, by CRC Press, Inc
It was reprinted with corrections in late 1996: click here

This home page contains the following sections:

The Fourth Printing

At the end of Novermber, 1996, the book was reprinted with corrections. This is the fourth printing of the book. (You can check which printing of the book you have by looking at the second last line of the back of the cover page. The first number in the sequence specifies the printing. For example, the fourth printing looks like 4 5 6 7 8 9 0.)

The following are the (only) changes in the fourth pringing:

Table of Contents

You can view the
Table of Contents of the book.


Cryptography Theory and Practice has been translated into French by
Serge Vaudenay. It is entitled Cryptography Théorie et Pratique and was published by International Thomson Publishing France, 1996.

The book has also been translated into Japanese by Kouichi Sakurai.


There are now several reviews of the book.

Solutions to Some Exercises

Answers to some of the exercises can be found

Ciphertext for Selected Exercises

Ciphertext for some of the exercises can be found

Errata List (Printings 1, 2, and 3)

I have constructed an errata list, which can be found
here .

Errata List (Fourth and later printings)

I have constructed an errata list for the fourth and later printings, which can be found
here .

Supplementary Material

Here are some supplementary notes on specific topics, stored in the form of postscript files:

I also maintain bibliographies on research papers in two areas of cryptography: secret sharing schemes and authentication codes.

Doug Stinson's Address

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University of Waterloo
Waterloo Ontario, N2L 3G1

Telephone: (519) 888-4567, ext. 5590
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