Other projects

From the late 1990s until about 2010, the best way for me to share and promote new work was to create a web page that included a short informal explanation and lots of eye candy. These days, that's no longer a typical way to get people to see what you're working on. In the age of social media, it's more likely that I'd talk about new results on Twitter, or on my blog, or perhaps in a talk.

Nevertheless, I'm preserving these old project pages in case they contain useful information. I have found that you can never tell who might stumble upon this information and contact me to initiate some new project. After all, a random note on one of these pages led to an article in Nature.

Maze design

Computer-based maze design is a mix of techniques from discrete geometry and non-photorealistic rendering. The twin questions of complexity and aesthetics in mazes both represent deep problems in computer graphics.

Patterns on surfaces

A technique for decorating arbitrary mesh surfaces with ornamental patterns taken out of the plane.

Metamorphoses and deformations

Some occasional work that encompasses Escher's use of the theme of metamorphosis, and the Parquet Deformations introduced by Huff and later popularized by Hofstadter.

Aliasing artifacts

Very simple programs can render rich and unexpected moire patterns. One especially surprising approach exposes low-level round-off behaviour in the floating point unit.


A form of halftoning in which an image is represented via a single, continuous closed path discovered as the (approximate) solution to an instance of the Traveling Salesman Problem.

Johnson solid near misses

A near miss is a polyhedron in which the faces are very nearly regular. The discrepancy is so small that you can probably build the polyhedron cleanly from paper using regular polygons.

Voronoi art

Many interesting ornamental designs can be constructed by computing the Voronoi diagrams of well-chosen arrangements of points.

Ulam spiral

A few bits of math porn: pretty renderings of diagrams related to the Ulam spiral.

Rotated squares

A fun, abstract image representation based on rotated, scaled squares.

Hyperbolic spidrons

A short fantasy regarding the interpretation of abstract geometric spiral arrangements in hyperbolic geometry.