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Broadcast Storm Control Commands:
Dell™ PowerEdge™ 1655MC Integrated Switch User's Guide

switchport broadcast 

show interfaces switchport

You can protect your network from broadcast storms by setting a threshold for broadcast traffic for each port. Any broadcast packets exceeding the specified threshold will then dropped. (Broadcast Storm Control is enabled by default.)

switchport broadcast

Use this command to configure broadcast storm control. Use the no form to disable broadcast storm control.


switchport broadcast threshold level level
no switchport broadcast

level - Threshold level as the maximum number of broadcast/multicast packets queued in internal buffer. (Range: 16, 64, 128, 256)

Default Setting

256 packets in queue

Command Mode

Interface Configuration (Ethernet)

Command Usage


The following shows how to configure broadcast suppression at 64 packets on port 7:

(config)#interface ethernet 1/7
(config-if)#switchport broadcast threshold level 64

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