CS 854: Cloud Computing and Software-Defined Networking


Instructor: Bernard Wong
Email: bernard@uwaterloo.ca
Time: Every Thursday at 1:00-3:50 Spring 2014
Location: DC 2568
URL : http://www.cs.uwaterloo.ca/~bernard/courses/cs854-S14


CS854 is a graduate course on current research topics in cloud computing and software-defined networking (SDN). The course will focus on SDN research aimed at tackling challenges in cloud computing. It is offered as a "paper-chase" course: we read and discuss important papers on different subtopics each week. Students must also individually complete a final project that explores a new idea in one of the sub-topics covered in the course. The goal is that by the end of the course, the final project can serve as a starting point for a workshop paper submission.


The following is the tentative course grades breakdown.

Paper Reviews

Before each class, each student must submit a review for each paper to be discussed that day. A review should include a paragraph summarizing the core contributions of the paper, and a second paragraph that identifies weaknesses in the paper and areas in which the paper can be expanded upon.

Please inform me via email the circumstances for each late or missed submission.

Paper Presentations

Each student is expected to present the papers to be discussed in class for at least one class. The paper presentations should follow the same format as a conference talk. The presenter should be prepared with sufficient background knowledge of the related works in the area to answer broad questions and lead the class discussion.

Presenters: Please send me a copy of your slides at least two days before your presentation. I will provide feedback on the slides the next day. Do not just re-use slides provided by the paper authors. You may borrow, with attribution, figures and animations, but your slides should be created independently.


Date Presenter Topic
5/8 Bernard Introduction: General course description. Cloud computing and SDN overview.
5/15 Xinan and Xu Background

Towards an Active Network Architecture

Ethane: Taking Control of the Enterprise

A Clean Slate 4D Approach to Network Control and Management

Design and Implementation of a Routing Control Platform

5/22 Harshdeep and Rahul SDN Basics

OpenFlow: Enabling Innovation in Campus Networks

NOX: Towards an Operating System for Networks

Fabric: A Retrospective on Evolving SDN

Extending Networking into the Virtualization Layer

5/29 Tyler and Ben Simulation/Emulation/Testing

A Network in a Laptop: Rapid Prototyping for Software-Defined Networks

Reproducible Network Experiments Using Container-Based Emulation

Fast, Accurate Simulation for SDN Prototyping

High-Fidelity Switch Models for Software-Defined Network Emulation

6/5 Menna and Xi Network Virtualization

Can the Production Network Be the Testbed?

FairCloud: Sharing the Network in Cloud Computing

Chatty Tenants and the Cloud Network Sharing Problem

Network Virtualization in Multi-tenant Datacenters

6/12 Michael and Fiodar Language Abstraction

Frenetic: A High-Level Language for OpenFlow Networks

Composing Software-Defined Networks

Corybantic: Towards the Modular Composition of SDN Control Programs

Tierless Programming and Reasoning for Software-Defined Networks

6/19 Xichao and TBD Troubleshooting

Where is the Debugger for my Software-Defined Network?

A NICE Way to Test OpenFlow Applications

Virtual Network Diagnosis as a Service

Leveraging SDN Layering to Systematically Troubleshoot Networks

6/26 Sajjad and Aimal Flow Scheduling and Datacenter Transport Protocols

Hedera: Dynamic Flow Scheduling for Data Center Networks

Data Center TCP (DCTCP)

pFabric: Minimal Near-Optimal Datacenter Transport

OpenFlow-Based Server Load Balancing Gone Wild

7/3 TBD Software-Defined Data Plane

The Click Modular Router

SwitchBlade: A Platform for Rapid Deployment of Network Protocols on Programmable Hardware

No Silver Bullet: Extending SDN to the Data Plane

Forwarding Metamorphosis: Fast Programmable Match-Action Processing in Hardware for SDN

7/10 Sharon and Winnie Controller Design

Onix: A Distributed Control Platform for Large-scale Production Networks

Applying Operating System Principles to SDN Controller Design

Exploiting Locality in Distributed SDN Control

The Controller Placement Problem

7/17 TBD Middleboxes and Software-Defined WANs:

FlowTags: Enforcing Network-Wide Policies in the Presence of Dynamic Middlebox Actions

SIMPLE-fying Middlebox Policy Enforcement Using SDN

B4: Experience with a Globally-Deployed Software Defined WAN

Achieving High Utilization with Software-Driven WAN

7/24 TBD Monitoring and Measurement

Resource/Accuracy Tradeoffs in Software-Defined Measurement

OpenTM: Traffic Matrix Estimator for OpenFlow Networks

Software Defined Traffic Measurement with OpenSketch

FlowSense: Monitoring Network Utilization with Zero Measurement Cost

7/31 Everyone Final Project Presentations

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