Software projects

"A software is free of bugs until it is used." – Computer Science Folklore
Currently, I am involved in the following software projects. Due to the quote above, I highly encourage the users of my software to report bugs to me.


ncfactor.lib is a library inside the computer algebra system Singular ( and distributed with Singular since version 3-1-3.

Remark: A major change has been done in version 3-1-6, which increased the performance and the versatility of the results significantly.

Remark: Since Singular version 4-0-1, there are some new functions in ncfactor.lib. These functions make some older functions redundant (facFirstWeyl, facFirstShift, homogfacFirstQWeyl[_all]). We keep those for the sake of downward-compatibility with older versions of the library.

Symbolic Data ( is a collection of problems coming from the field of computer algebra and focuses on interlinking relevant data from different Computer Algebra Communities.
SDEval is a benchmarking toolbox built on top of Symbolic Data. Some of its main goals are
I am involved in developing SDEval. The current source developments can be found in my GitHub repository:

There is also a video tutorial/introduction for SDEval. You van view it via the following link:

Benchmarks created using SDEval

Here are some benchmarks I have performed using SDEval. You can view the table with the timing results, and you can also download the complete Taskfolder. There, the input- and output-files are given. Furthermore, an execution engine is provided in the Taskfolder in order to reproduce the timings. For details on how to use it, view the documentation of SDEval.
* Executable files exported to SDEval format after the paper was written up and calculations were run again (partly on a different machine than before). Thus concrete timings might differ from the ones stated in the paper.