Journal of Integer Sequences, Vol. 26 (2023), Article 23.4.5

Some D-Finite and Some Possibly D-Finite Sequences in the OEIS

Manuel Kauers
Institute for Algebra
Johannes Kepler University
Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz

Christoph Koutschan
Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz


In an automatic search, we found conjectural recurrences for some sequences in the OEIS that were not previously recognized as being D-finite. In some cases, we are able to prove the conjectured recurrence. In some cases, we are not able to prove the conjectured recurrence, but we can prove that a recurrence exists. In some remaining cases, we do not know where the recurrence might come from.

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(Concerned with sequences A039836 A061552 A098926 A151949 A164735 A172572 A172671 A177317 A181198 A181199 A181280 A187990 A188818 A194478 A194480 A195806 A199250 A215562 A215570 A216940 A237684 A250556 A253217 A253223 A264946 A264947 A265234 A269021 A306322 A323846 A331562 A339987.)

Received March 5 2023; revised version received April 20 2023. Published in Journal of Integer Sequences, April 24 2023.

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