Journal of Integer Sequences, Vol. 23 (2020), Article 20.7.4

Generalized Rascal Triangles

Philip K. Hotchkiss
Mathematics Department
Westfield State University
Westfield, MA 01086


The "rascal triangle" was introduced by three middle school students in 2010. In this paper we describe number triangles that are generalizations of the rascal triangle, and show that these generalized rascal triangles are characterized by arithmetic sequences on all diagonals, as well as rascal-like multiplication and addition rules.

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(Concerned with sequences A000012 A000027 A000034 A000124 A005408 A007318 A016777 A016789 A017029 A017101 A017605 A077028 A154609 A309555 A309557 A309559 A332790 A332963.)

Received August 7 2019; revised version received September 5 2019; March 27 2020; April 9 2020. Published in Journal of Integer Sequences, June 26 2020.

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