CS Digital Hardware Signup System

Note 1: This system will be shut down on at 12:00pm (noon) on Friday, December 2, 2016. Please be sure to finish using this form well before then. If you have problems with the system, you should e-mail the link at the bottom of this page.

Note 2: You will only be able to use this form if you are a first-year computer science student who is in their 1A term. Digital Hardware courses begin in the Spring semester, so coop students should be in sequence D for this option. Coop students in other terms may need to change coop sequence after being admitted to the option. Regular students may now be admitted to the option, but may need to adjust the terms they take courses to match the ECE offerings.

Note 3: You can see a list of students who have shown interest in Digital Hardware (and verify that you are on this list if you wish) here.

Note 4: If you don't know what digital hardware is, you should probably click (and scroll down to "Digital Hardware Option") here to find out about it. Additional information about the requirements and suggested course sequences are available at https://cs.uwaterloo.ca//current/programs/suggested/2016-2017/bcs_dho.

Note 5: In February, an email will be sent to your UW email address about your eligibility for this option. Please be patient!

Computer Science students who are in their first term (1A) at the University can indicate they are interested in the Digital Hardware Option by simply filling in their 8-digit UW student ID then clicking on the button marked "I am interested in being admitted to DigHard".

You should get a new page which includes that you are on the list of students that will be considered for the Digital Hardware Option. Sometime in early February (once we have examined the marks of all interested students from their 1A term), you will receive an e-mail message indicating whether or not you were admitted to the Digital Hardware Option. If admitted, a CS advisor will then adjust your Spring courses to add the first DHW course. Note that this cannot be done until you are officially admitted to the program.

You should note that admission for this program is limited (we expect to admit only the top 15 students). Additionally, the only admission criteria used will be your 1A marks.

Final Warning: The email will be sent to your UW address in February. Be sure that your mailbox is not full. If you don't respond to our message, we may give your spot to another student.

This thing was hacked together by Troy Vasiga and then J.P. Pretti. If you have questions about Digital Hardware, e-mail Lori Case (lmcase@cs.uwaterloo.ca) and she will try to answer them. If you have problems with this form, e-mail Undergraduate Operations at cs-uops@cs.uwaterloo.ca.

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