This type of mail alias is being deprecated.
Please use 'How to create and activate new sponsored "" mail aliases' for new mail aliases.

How to create and activate new "" mail aliases

  1. Use RCS revision control to update the file
  2. Distribute the new /.software/admin/cscf-specfic/export/aliases from host "cs-xh-admin" to the CSCF mail server "mx-104":
         root@cs-xh-admin:~# xh-distribute -h cscf-specific
         xh-distribute FYI: "cscf-specific" package maintainer:
         xh-distribute FYI: rdist output of the "cscf-specific" package from "" follows:
           updating host
             special: xh-update-syslog-conf: can't find SYSLOG to ask it to reread configuration.
  3. Restart the Sendmail daemon on mx-104:
         root@mx-104:~#  service sendmail restart
         * Restarting Mail Transport Agent (MTA) sendmail

Note the use of the Fully Qualified Domain Name for mx-104 (ie in the "xh-distribute" command above. Using just the hostname "mx-104" will cause a silent failure of the xheir package distribution, ie no "xh-distribute FYI:" information.