How to create and activate new sponsored "" mail aliases

For aliases easily attributable to an existing sponsor, such as a faculty member or research group, it is best to work within the sponsors data system. We will assume all these aliases will be handled by the "" mail servers.

But you can specify "Host: cs-teaching.cs.private" to make aliases appear in the deprecated "" mail servers. Conceivably, aliases could be created for other regions, too.

  1. Use RCS revision control to update the appropriate file under
    likely in fact under
           # 2014-01-24 (lfolland) ST#32123 - create cola-notify
           MailAlias: cola-notify[]
           Host: cs-general.cs.private
           AssignTo: :include:/u/www-cola/mailaliases/cola-notify
  2. Use "accounts-client cs-general.cs.private" to which will update /software/accounts_client/export/aliases on "", and on the CSCF mail server "mx-104".
  3. You must manually run "xh-mail-aliases" on mx-104:
         root@mx-104:~#  /software/xhier/maintenance/xh-mail-aliases
    That will place the new aliases into /etc/aliases.
  4. Restart the Sendmail daemon on mx-104 to pick up the changes:
         root@mx-104:~#  service sendmail restart
         * Restarting Mail Transport Agent (MTA) sendmail