Yuying Li

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Professor (PhD, Waterloo, 1988)
School of Computer Science
DC 3623
200 University Avenue West
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3G1

email: yuying@uwaterloo.ca
phone: 519 888 4567 ext. 37825
fax: 519 885 1208

Research and Publications

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Panda (Predictive Advanced Nonlinear Diagnostic Analyzer, Aditya Tayal, Yuying Li, Tom Coleman), ranks the fourth place in the Heritage Health Provider Network competition.

    My current research interest is data mining and computational finance. I am generally interested in design, analysis, and implementation of algorithms for scientific computing problems. More specifically, I am interested in:

    • Learning data driven optimal financial decisions, focusing particularly on robust and interpretable financial model learning
    • supervised, semi-supervised learning, feature selection, ordinal regression, similarity measures
    • rare class learning, e.g., Fraud detection, unsupervised auto insurance fraud detection
    • Computational finance

    Sample recent publications: ( More Publications here )

    • M. Chen, M. Shirazi, P. Forsyth and Y. Li, ''Machine learning and Hamilton-Jacobian Bellman equation for optimal decumulation'', submitted to Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 2023.
    • P. van Staden, P. Forsyth and Y. Li, ''A parsimonious neural network approach to solve portfolio optimization problems without using dynamic programming'', submitted to Annals of Operation Research, 2023.
    • C. Ni, P. Forsyth and Y. Li, ''Optimal asset allocation in a high inflation regime: a leverage-feasible neural network approach'', submitted to Journal of Quantitative Finance, 2023.
    • P. van Staden, P. Forsyth and Y. Li, ''Across-time risk-aware strategies for outperforming benchmark'', to appear in European Journal of Operation Research, 2023.
    • P. van Staden and P. Forsyth and Y. Li, ''Beating a constant weight benchmark: easier done than said'', to appear in Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance, 2023.
    • P. van Staden and P. Forsyth and Y. Li, ''Beating a benchmark: dynamic programming may not be the right numerical approach'', SIAM J. Financial Mathematics, 14:2 (2023) 407-451.
    • C. Ni, Y. Li, P. Forsyth, R. Carroll, ''Optimal asset allocation for outperforming stochastic benchmark target'', Quantitative Finance, 22(9), (2022) 1595-1626.
    • K. Nian, T. F. Coleman, Y. Li '' Learning Sequential Option Hedging Models from Market Data'', Journal of Banking and Finance, 133, 2021.
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