Term: Winter 2017
Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday 12 – 1:20 in QNC 1201
Instructor: John Watrous (email: my last name at uwaterloo.ca)


This will be a seminar-style course focusing on applications of semidefinite programming to the theory of quantum information and computation. Information on the course structure and required background knowledge may be found in the course outline, linked below.

Outline, handouts, and announcements

Course outline [html]
Suggestions for student topic selections [pdf]
Guidelines for projects [pdf]


The schedule below is tentative, and open lectures will be scheduled after the course begins.

January 3 Course introduction; semidefinite programming basics [pdf]
January 5 Duality; alternative forms of semidefinite programs [pdf]
January 10 Optimizing over measurements and channels [pdf]
January 12 Fidelity and trace norm [pdf]
January 17 Nonlocal games and XOR games [pdf]
January 19 Parallel repetition of XOR games [pdf]
January 24 Optimizing over interactions [pdf]
January 26 Kitaev's quantum strong coin-flipping bound [pdf]
January 31 Min- and max-entropy [pdf]
February 2 The quantum substate theorem [pdf]
February 7 The completely bounded trace norm [pdf]
February 9 Optimizing over quantum strategies
February 14 Optimizing over quantum strategies (continued)
February 16 Optimizing over quantum strategies (continued)
February 21 Study days – no lecture
February 23 Study days – no lecture
February 28 No lecture
March 2 No lecture
March 7 PPT measurements
March 9 Cone programs and separable measurements
March 14 Proof of Slater's theorem for semidefinite programs
March 16 [Hoang Linh Nguyen]
March 21 Hierarchies for separable states [Akshay Ramachandran]
March 23 Quantum Communication Complexity [Bryan Coutts]
March 28 Quantum multipartite correlations and the NPA hierarchy [Hammam Qassim]
March 30 Final remarks and follow-up discussions