Instructor: John Watrous
TA: Dan Puzzuoli

Course information and materials

Course outline [PDF, HTML]

The course text will be my book The Theory of Quantum Information [HTML].

You may also find that the course lecture notes from Fall 2011 [HTML] to be useful, but please note that we may not follow exactly the same schedule. (You may also find some mistakes in these notes, which I do not bother to correct.)

Lecture schedule

September 7 1. Course overview; registers and states
September 12 2. Reductions and purifications; useful facts about operators
September 14 3. Channels and their representations
September 19 No lecture (Quantum Innovators Workshop)
September 21 No lecture (Quantum Innovators Workshop)
September 26 4. Characterizations of channels
September 28 5. Measurements
October 3 6. Similarity and distance measures for states
October 5 7. Relationships between fidelity and trace distance; semidefinite programming
October 10 No lecture (study day)
October 12 8. Semidefinite programs for optimal measurements
October 17 9. Entropy and source coding
October 19 10. Properties of von Neumann entropy and quantum relative entropy
October 24 11. Joint convexity of quantum relative entropy
October 26 12. Strong subadditivity and Holevo's theorem
October 31 13. Majorization for real vectors and Hermitian operators
November 2 14. Weyl covariant channels and Schur channels
November 7 15. Separability for states
November 9 16. LOCC and separable channels
November 14 17. Nielsen's theorem
November 16 18. Measures of entanglement
November 21 19. PPT states
November 23 20. The completely bounded trace norm
November 28 21. Unitarily invariant measures
November 30 22. Applications of unitarily invariant measures

Problem sets

Problem set 1
[PDF, LaTeX]
Problem set 2
[PDF, LaTeX]
Problem set 3
[PDF, LaTeX]
Problem set 4
[PDF, LaTeX]


Project handout [PDF]