David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science
University of Waterloo

Fellow, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
Member, Institute for Quantum Computing
Affiliate Member, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics



My research focuses on the theory of quantum information and its applications to algorithms, complexity theory, and cryptography. Specific topics that I am currently interested in include quantum interactive proof systems, quantum information theory, and the theory of entanglement. I am also interested in algorithms, complexity theory, and theoretical computer science more generally.


A draft of my book Theory of Quantum Information

Recent/Current Teaching

CS 867   Semidefinite Programming in Quantum Information (Winter 2017)
CS 360   Introduction to the Theory of Computing (Spring 2016)
CS 766   Theory of Quantum Information (Fall 2015)

If you are looking for my lecture notes, you can find them on this page.


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School of Computer Science
University of Waterloo
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