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About Me

I am currently a Master's student at the University of Waterloo supervised by Prof. Edith Law.

I am interested in the computational foundations of intelligence and the technological ramifications that such discoveries may hold. Currently, I wish to inch towards these possibilities by focusing my research efforts on reinforcement learning, human curiosity and crowdsourcing.

Before I was a graduate student, I was an undergrad at the University of Toronto. My summer 2015 was spent working on CHIME (The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment) with Prof. Keith Vanderlinde where I created web applications to live view data streamed in from the CHIME radio telescope. I also spent 12 months in San Francisco interning at Marin Software where I was an information retrieval and QA automation engineer. Before that, I was an undergraduate research assistant in the summer of 2012, working with Prof. Tarek Abdelrahman where I augmented the LLVM compiler to compile hiCUDA—a programming language designed to provide a high-level interface for GPU programming.

Research/Projects (more details to come)


T. Tse, J. Salamon, A. Williams, H. Jiang and E. Law. Ensemble: A Hybrid Human-Machine System for Generating Melody Scores from Audio. In ISMIR 2016.

Williams, A. C., Bradshaw, J., Schaekermann, M., Tse, T., Callaghan, W., & Law, E. (2016). The Big Picture: Preserving Context in the Decomposition of Complex Expert Tasks. In 1st Workshop on Microproductivity at SIGCHI 2016. San Jose, CA.