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XBench -
A Family of Benchmarks for XML DBMSs

The benchmark provides schemas and DTDs associated with each class of XML documents. This is important since these schemas and DTDs can be exploited by DBMSs for query optimization. At the [Downloads] section, you can find complete XML Schema and DTD files grouped by document class.

The following list describes the XML documents that are included in each document class and the XML schema/DTD files to which they conform (XXX represents numbers and any documents ending with XXX means these are a set of files). Clicking on each schema file shows a diagram which gives a visual presentation of the schema.

Document ClassSchemaDTDXML Document
TC/SD TCSD.xsd TCSD.dtd dictionary.xml
TC/MD TCMD.xsd TCMD.dtd articleXXX.xml
DC/SD DCSD.xsd DCSD.dtd catalog.xml
DC/MD DCMDOrd.xsd DCMDOrd.dtd orderXXX.xml
DC/MD DCMDCust.xsd DCMDCust.dtd customer.xml
DC/MD DCMDItem.xsd DCMDItem.dtd item.xml
DC/MD DCMDAuth.xsd DCMDAuth.dtd author.xml
DC/MD DCMDAddr.xsd DCMDAddr.dtd address.xml
DC/MD DCMDCoun.xsd DCMDCoun.dtd country.xml

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School of Computer Science
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