CS 848
Modern Database Systems
(Winter 2015)

M. Tamer Özsu
DC 3350

Lecture times: Tuesday 2:00-4:50PM

Lecture location: DC 3313

Calendar Description

This is a seminar course that will cover the current landscape in database management. The term "modern" is used to emphasize the new directions that new and established database system vendors are taking to address new challenges.


There is no textbook required, but the following might be useful in certain parts -- it is in the library, so no need to purchase it:

Principles of Distributed Database Systems, 3rd edition, M. Tamer Özsu and Patrick Valduriez, Springer, 2011.

For the most part, we will read papers from literature. For access to papers, you can consult the DBLP online bibliography:

Workload and Evaluation (tentative and may change depending on class size)

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