Guidelines for Paper Reviews

The paper reviews should be about 3000 words and should describe the contributions of the paper and your critique of its contributions. Use your own words, and if you need to quote from the original paper, remember to quote it properly.

The following is the outline of the reviews that I expect. You may also find the following useful:

Review outline*

Summarize the main points of the paper so that a reader of your review would be able to understand the gist of the paper without reading it.

Describe the importance of the problem - why is this an important problem to study? Why? Do the authors sufficiently motivate the problem?

Do the authors properly describe the methodology, techniques, and solutions? Do they properly cite relevant literature? Is the writing clear and concise? Do the authors provide the right level of detail? Are the figures informative? Are the mechanics (e.g., English usage) adequate?

I want you to focus on the following two things:

  1. Enumerate three (3) of the paper's strongest points. For each one, indicate whether this is a major or minor strength. Explain your reasoning. Focus mostly on technical strengths.
  2. Enumerate three (3) of the paper's weakest points. For each one, indicate whether this is a major or minor weakness and elaborate on how the weakness could be corrected or eliminated.

In addressing this part, consider, for example, the following aspects: Are the results described in the paper correct? Does the analysis use appropriate methods? Does the analysis cover all the important issues? Is the argument logical? How much has been implemented? Do the authors provide sufficient data and/or well-supported arguments?

Describe 3-4 lines of research you think would be good topics to pursue as extensions to this work. Consider one or two short-term extensions (work that can be done in less than one year) and a few topics of longer term research.