Papers to Read

The following is a list of some papers on the two topics that we will cover in the course. The listed papers include those that I find interesting. If you find other papers that you would like to read and study, please contact me. I have focused mostly (but not exclusively) on conference publications. This is not because they are more important, but only because they are shorter and may be easier to handle. Please note that the publications listed under Overview subsections of each section are not to be presented by anyone, but they are to be read by everyone.

Most of the papers listed below can be accessed (and searched) on-line from UW machines -- UW maintains a campus-wide subscription to the ACM Digital Library and IEEE Digital Library, so you should be able to search it and retrieve from it if you are coming from any machine on the UW campus network.

If the paper can only be obtained from another source, I try to provide a link to the original source (usually from the paper's title).

Data Partitioning/Placement

Distributed Queries

Distributed Transactions

Data Replication

Parallel Data Management

Database Integration

Peer-to-Peer Data Management

Stream Data Management

MapReduce-based Data Management

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