CS 338: Computer Applications in Business: Databases

Fall 2013


Fundamentals of Database Systems, the Sixth or Fifth Edition by R. Elmasri and S. Navathe, Pearson, 2011.

Course Notes

  1. Course introduction
  2. Introduction to the database management
  3. Relational Data Model
  4. Constraints and Updates
  5. Introduction to SQL
  6. Relational algebra
  7. Advanced SQL: Aggregate, Group, and Nested Queries
  8. Advanced SQL: Updates
  9. Advanced SQL: Null Values
  10. Views and view management
  11. Conceptual modeling: Entity-Relationship (ER) modelling
  12. Conceptual modeling: Extended Entity-Relationship (EER) modelling
  13. Logical modeling: ER-to-relational mapping
  14. Dependencies
  15. DBMS Architecture
  16. Transactions & transaction support in SQL
  17. Concurrency & Recovery
  18. Query Processing
  19. Database security and privacy

The course notes are complementary to the textbook; they are not meant to replace the textbook. You are expected to know both the material in the textbook for the assigned sections, and the material in the course notes.