Montblanc Writers Series Collection

Well, I had to make some tough decisions on what I collect since it was getting ridiculous, and I sold most of my Writers Series (not that the remaining set of pens is rational in any way). The only ones that remain are Dumas and Dostoevsky Mechanical Pencils and the Cervantes set...

This series started in 1992 and there is one release each year. I have obtained some of these as individual pieces (they are individually numbered below), but the more recent ones I have in sets.

FP: 2847

BP: 2679

FP: 17355

FP: 6305

BP: 7462

BP: 5062

No: 2017

Son's version

FP: 9089

BP: 6634

MP: 6780

FP: 9274

BP: 7784

MP: 773

No: 1720

No: 2362

No: 2448

No: 3845

No: 0654

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