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General Information

  • Undergraduate internships: I am not going to be admitting any international interns for the foreseeable future. Please do not write to me about internship as I will not be able to respond to individual emails.
  • Graduate students: I am not going to be admitting any more graduate student next academic year. I am full right now.
  • Driving directions to Waterloo
  • Campus map; Please park in the M lot.

Honours and Awards

  • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (2017)
  • Fellow, Royal Society of Canada (2016)
  • Elected Member, The Science Academy, Turkey (2013)
  • Fellow, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) (2006)
  • Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) (2010)
  • University Research Chair, University of Waterloo (2004-2011)
  • Test-of-Time Award, ACM SIGMOD 2015 for paper
    • L. Chen, M. T. Özsu, and V. Oria. "Robust and Fast Similarity Search for Moving Object Trajectories," In Proc. ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, 2005, pages 491-502.
  • Best Paper Award Honorable Mention, 29th International Conference on Data Engineering, 2013 for paper
    • C. Balkesen, J. Teubner, G. Alonso, and M. T. Özsu. "Main-Memory Hash Joins on Multi-Core CPUs: Tuning to the Underlying Hardware," In Proc. 29th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering, 2013, pages 362–373.
  • ACM Distinguished Lecturer (2007-present)
  • IBM CAS Canada Research Faculty Fellow (2010-present)
  • Cheriton Faculty Fellow, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo (2013-2016)
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada Discovery Accelerator Award (2013)
  • University of Waterloo Outstanding Performance Award (2004, 2009, 2014)
  • Ohio State University College of Engineering Distinguished Alumni Award (2008)
  • ACM SIGMOD Contributions Award (2006)
  • Faculty Fellow, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo (2000-2003)
  • McCalla Professor, University of Alberta (1993-1994)
  • Sigma Xi – Scientific Research Society Member (1994-present)
  • NATO Ph.D. scholarship through TÜ̈BITAK–The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (1979–1983)


My research is on data management. Although I have done work in basic database technologies such as query processing, transaction processing, and database integration, the main focus of my research follows two threads: (1) application of database technology to non-traditional data types, and (2) distributed & parallel data management.

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  • Past Graduate Courses

    • CS 638 - Principles of Data Management and Use (Fall 2015, Fall 2016)
    • CS 755 - System and Network Architectures and Implementation (Fall 2013)
    • CS 655 - System and Network Architectures and Implementation (Spring 2012, Fall 2012) - Same course as above; this is the previous number.
    • CS 742 - Distributed and Parallel Database Systems (Winter 2013)
    • I taught versions of this course as Parallel and Distributed Databases at ETH Zürich (Winter 2006) and at National University of Singapore (Fall 2010)
    • CS 748T - Distributed Database Systems (Winter 2001)
    • CS 848 - Modern Database Systems (Winter 2015)
    • CS 856 - Web Data Management (Fall 2002, Winter 2005)
    • CS 856 - Internet-Scale Distributed Data Management (Fall 2005)
  • Past Undergraduate Courses

    • CS 348 - Introduction to Database Management (Fall 2012)
    • CS 338 - Computer Applications in Business: Databases (Fall 2013)
    • CS 448/648 - Introduction to Database Management (Winter 2001)
    • CS 454/654 - Distributed Systems (Winter 2002, Fall 2002, Winter 2004, Spring 2004, Fall 2004)



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