Second International Workshop
From SofTware Requirements to Architectures

International Conference on Software Engineering 2003 (ICSE'03)

May 9, 2003
Portland, Oregon, USA

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International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) is the premier software engineering conference. It provides a forum for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent advances, trends, and concerns.

Among these concerns over the past 10 years have been the rapidly growing areas of software requirements engineering and software architecture.

Requirements engineering has seen the advent of

for identifying and specifying requirements.

Architecture design has seen the advent of

There is a clear relationship between requirements engineering and architecture design. However, for the most part, the two disciplines have evolved independently from each other, and promising areas of mutual interest remain to be explored. For example, an important type of design research consists of relating classes of problems to classes of solutions. In software engineering, there are interesting connections between software problem patterns and software solution patterns. Recent research in problem frames could therefore be extended by including architecture patterns and investigating relationships between the two kinds of patterns.

The patterns paradigm may be extended by including the wider business context, consisting of business processes, actors, and strategies. In this wider context, the problem is one of alignment of software architecture with business architecture. Here, domain knowledge may be codified using reference architectures.

A third area of potential fruitful interaction is that of component-based development. Assembling components into a system requires an architecture that mediates between the system requirements and the requirements on the components. More generally, when we extend our view from a single system to a hierarchy of systems, the interplay between requirements and architectures is a central guiding principle in system design.


The goal of the Second International Workshop on Software Requirements and Architectures (STRAW '03) is to bring together researchers from the requirements engineering and architecture communities to exchange views and results that are of mutual interest, and to discuss topics for further research.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following list.

How to Submit

Submit your paper in Adobe PDF format via electronic submission to Daniel Berry, one of the co-chairs, at Your paper must conform to the proceedings publication format and must not exceed eight pages, including all text, references, appendices, and figures. Additional and updated details (ignoring page limit details that are there) are available at:
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Submission Due Dates

Review Process

A maximum of 30 participants will be selected on the basis of the submitted material. Papers will be reviewed by a program committee in terms of their relevance to the aims of the workshop and technical content.

The workshop will be closed. Participation will be based upon the submitted papers, which will be reviewed by a program committee. The best papers will be presented. All papers will be distributed to the participants before the workshop starts. Each presented paper will be assigned an opponent, who should present a brief counterpoint to the point of view of the presenter of the paper. During the day, participants can propose issues to be discussed at the end of the day. The workshop should lead to a list of issues discussed, conclusions reached, disagreements identified, and topics to be researched further.

Organizing Committee

Daniel M. Berry
School of Computer Science
University of Waterloo
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FAX: +1-519-746-5422

Roel Wieringa
Department of Computer Science
University of Twente
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Rick Kazman
Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
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Program Committee

Daniel Berry (co-chair), Canada
Jaelson Castro, Brazil
Anthony Finkelstein, UK
Jaap Gordijn, Netherlands
Carlo Ghezzi, Italy
Rick Kazman (co-chair), USA
Manuel Kolp, Belgium
Jeff Kramer, UK
Axel van Lamsweerde, Belgium
Jeff Magee, UK
John Mylopoulos, Canada
Bashar Nuseibeh, UK
Dewayne Perry, USA
Roel Wieringa (co-chair), Netherlands