Download GAViewer

Here you can download GAViewer documentation, pre-compiled binaries for popular platforms, or the source code in order to compile it yourself.

GAViewer Documentation

Download GAViewer Binaries

The binary consist of just a single file (gaviewer.exe or just gaviewer). There is no need to install it; you can run it straightaway.

On Linux (and possible MacOSX), do remember to make the file executable using `chmod +x gaviewer'; also, you will need FLTK in your LDD path.

Download GAViewer Source Code

Download the source code (all platforms)

To compile from source, you need ANTLR 2.7.X, FLTK 1.3.X (or FLTK 1.1.X if you really want), PNG and ZLib. On UNIX variants, compilation should be a straightforward `./configure; make', although the makefiles use libpng1.2; to use libpng1.6, you will need to edit one of the makefiles. For Visual Studio .net and 2005, project files are included.