Five Questions that Christian Scientists Can't Answer

This accompanies my lengthier article on Christian Science. I have corresponded with several Christian Scientists since my article appeared, but none have been able to provide any answers to these questions.
  1. If, as Christian Science claims, sickness is the result of false beliefs, how do plants become sick? How did dinosaurs become sick when there were no people around to have false beliefs about them?

  2. If Christian Science really helps people avoid being sick, why is it that some of the worst US measles outbreaks in the past few years took place at a Christian Science college?

  3. Why is it that Christian Scientists tend to die earlier than non-Christian Scientists (as measured, for example, by the Wilson and Simpson studies)?

  4. Why is there not a single example of a Christian Scientist avoiding the supposedly false ideal of mortality (by living, for example, for more than 140 years)?

  5. Why does the Christian Science church scrupulously avoid any scientific testing of its claims?